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The Essentials for a Successful Website

Your website is an essential tool and one of the most important parts of your business. It is very important to give your website the attention it needs and deserves.

Perfect Homepage

Studies have shown that visitors to websites will only spend an average of seven seconds or less on around 90% of the websites they visit. This shows that you that in the first few seconds of a potential customers visit to your website you have to show who you are as a company, what you do and services you offer, what customers you look for and have helped, and why you’re the best choice for their design needs. You have to make sure you opening is good enough to make the customer want to keep looking through your site.
It’s also important to spend time making your marketing message clear and ensuring potential cutomers that your logo design, tagline and the first few sentences of your website content is clear and presents your brand with credibility and impact, outlining your products and target market. We understand that this is a lot to communicate in very little time so content must be clear and capture the attention of potential clients.

Clear Contact & Call To Action

When marketing departments and businesses ask, “Why is my website not converting leads?”. Well the answer is usually that there is often a lack of call to action buttons or unclear contact instructions. The most popular call to actions (CTA’s) will include phone numbers, email us and “Buy Now” buttons. The best website designs have leading CTA’s which subtly encourage your visitors to the next stage of your website. Call to action buttons are designed to engage your with your visitors and guide them through the website and hopefully to a conversion. Your Website Visitors need specific information before the will commit to an enquiry or a purchase.

Even at the most basic level any decent web designer would advise you to make sure your phone number is in the top right of every page of your site but as long as its clear on the page thats all that matters. Get your web designer to put your contact info at least on the footer of every page with your most valuable quick links. This is very important for mobile websites where usually prospects are looking for a quick phone number, hours or address.

Web Design Services

We will provide you with a strong Online Presence

We will provide you with a strong Online Presence

Everything CJ Designs & Marketing Solutions Ltd does is designed to help your business succeed online. We are very passionate about design, the user experience and creating effective concepts to help you and your business have the best website possible. We believe in helping our customers and educating them to help them understand how they can easily have an excellent online presence and use it to their advantage and assist them in growing their business through the power of the internet. Business owners are often very busy and have little time so a good website design helps your time and can increase leads without any extra effort.

Central Scotland's go to Web Design Agency

Central Scotland's go to Web Design Agency

Here at CJ Designs, we combine great design concepts with the latest online marketing trends to help deliver websites that look great and actually work well and help to grow your business. Our web design and web development processes are always improving and adapting to allow us to help our customers stay at the top and have up to date concepts. We are always training and improving over the years to keep your businesses strong online. We can with confidence say that whatever you need we can help you. We will not just sell you a website that will not help your business. We will work with you and learn to understand you and your business, your industry and target market. We will also learn who your competition is to ensure that everything we produce and design will assist you in working towards your business marketing goals.

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